IBAE Awards 2021 : The Best Startup In 2021

Success Stories

About IBAE Awards

IBAE stands for International Business and Academic Excellence. We were awarded as The Best Startup in 2021 by GISR Foundation under IBAE Awards 2021.

The GISR Foundation organized the 3rd International Business and Academic Excellence (IBAE) Awards 2021. The Startups, Corporates, Institutions/Universities, and Individuals from various sectors were nominated for the 3rd International Business and Academic Excellence (IBAE) Awards 2021.

The IBAE AWARDS provided us with a common platform to share our excellence in Business and Academic careers with the world and cascade our performance at this Global Event.

About GISR Foundation

GISR Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization registered under the Central Government's Ministry of Corporate Affairs playing a proactive role in India's development process by providing education to underprivileged Girl Children.

In today's world, we have begun to realize that girls' education is essential. Earlier people thought that education for girls was not necessary. This modern age describes the awakening of the female group in many productive ways. They are way ahead compared to men in many spheres of life. The argument on educating a girl child is still prevalent in our society but considering the fact that women are capable of achieving anything nowadays, we can hold back the views of the opposition. We can see many women leading the economic and social sector way ahead with successful results. Girls are bringing a silent revolution to society.

Our country's progress depends on the education of girls. We should all step forward and encourage girls' education. We can make a difference and bring concrete change to the face of our country. All we need is to be united and put an extra effort to ensure that our girl children are educated, aware and empowered. GISR Foundation is stepping into this noble cause by providing education to Girls. We are in process of collaborating with like-minded academicians, researchers, industry professionals and businesses to come forward for this noble cause.